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Large-scale music and dance epic Red Flag Canal Song

    "Red Flag Canal Song" is a panoramic Hongqiqu reflect the spirit of large-scale music and dance epic, by the Red Flag Canal Linzhou Troupe from creation. Is divided into a prelude to "a blue Earth Gone with the Wind" "Elegy Taihang", "Taihang song", "Taihang singing" and the end of "the spirit red flag canal shine forever" and chapter 5, the use of symphonic, vocal music, theater, film and television back to vote and many other art practices, from different sides, rendering the spirit and shape red flag canal typical image of the construction of art reproduced red flag canal this great feat, and in the process of breeding dig irrigation ditches the formation of "self-reliance, hard work, unity, cooperation and selfless devotion "the spirit of the Red Flag Canal.


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